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Moon.flower.child hopes to please the wanderlust woman & her family tribe. our clothes a one of a kind fashion that is unique and handmade moon.flower.child strives to create comfort and chic style as one. juliana paints & illustrates custom prints for the collections as well as knits, crochets & weaves for key limited edition garments from the collections.

Moon.Flower.Child's Juliana Yasmine began her sewing adventures as a business in hawaii in 2013
straight after graduation and has been sewing her little heart out since. Moon.Flower.Child has partaken in fashion shows in Paris, Honolulu, London, Baltimore & Raleigh.

"Stand boldly as someone different"

Juliana Yasmine draws influences from growing up in both the United States and England.  Being multicultural, French, Russian, American & Egyptian she has traveled to many places and has a passion to bring back cultures of places unseen by many to the people with love for nature, earth, light, fabric & texture.  


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Juliana Yasmine

Designer & Founder

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