Benefits of Coloring & why journaling is helpful for a healthy mindset

Benefits of Coloring & why journaling is helpful for a healthy mindset

Life on the go can be fast paced, forward moving constantly without pause, breathe or presence in the moment. When you don’t pause to tune into your Self then you may find you lose your way, become out of balance and at a loss of knowing who you are and what your purpose is.  Journaling is intended to encourage you to find space to sit in the Now with yourself to write thought, color, & inspire you to have affirmations and bring clarity and calm to your day. 

So why colour?

Colouring stimulates the brain with creative and logic emotion & expression and it’s a great solution for stress relief to help alleviate anxieties.  It’s a great mindful distraction for your mind shifting from problematic or stressful situations to allowing thoughts & emotions to flow freely in a positive inspiring direction.  If you are or have been experiencing a mental block coloring can be a step forward to get those creative juices flowing once again.  Creative work can help to problem solve any static energy you are holding onto.  It will encourage you to release tension and flow freely through your mind without judgement.  If you find it hard to meditate you can practice by using coloring as a form of "active" meditation.  So take a break from screens & unplug by shifting focus from technology refreshing your mind, body & soul with the vibrant energy that color stimulates us with.

Why would journaling be good for you?

You don't need to be an artist or Meditation Guru to sit down and write the thoughts that flow through your head - the only requirement is that you are Human.

  • It‚Äôs great for anyone who is ready to release judgement on themselves.
  • If you are ready to grow it can aid transition from an unhealthy mindset to¬†find positivity in your¬†daily habits.
  • For those days you're not in the mood to write you can simply be present in the activity of coloring, drawing or doodling.
  • Discover your priorities and desires when you create affirmations from your heart &¬†set intentions for yourself.
  • When you are struggling with inner demons and needing to redirect your focus - sit down with yourself & work on some journal pages, provoke inner thought and learn about yourself - you are worth knowing!

Whats great about a having a journal laying around...

Our coloring book/journal Eunoia is a small size making it great to bring on a hike, throw in your travel pack or just to have on your bedside table for morning & evening moments to yourself.  Small Journals are always great to whip out when you need grounding in the present and a little motivation for your day! There is no right way to color, set intentions or learn more about know that anyone can fine value in a journal to better get to know themselves!

In a nut shell:

  • Take a journal¬†with you everywhere you go that is small, light & portable.
  • Whether you‚Äôre bored or need to escape a lurking demon...grab your¬†journal and write out a prompt or fill a page with a doodle or drawing to help re-direct your mind with a positive loving thought.
  • Learn how to create instead of consume when you find yourself mindlessly reaching for your phone to scroll.
‚ÄúThe creative adult is the child who survived‚ÄĚ - Ursula Leguin

If you decide to get into a little journaling, you'll discover the intention of guiding You through Daily Mindfulness practices that will help re-center You and bring more joy to Your life. 

What else?

I have always found that when I sit down to write ~ it teaches me to live in the Now.  I can assess myself in the moment and check in with how I feel emotionally & physically.  I find it is a great opportunity to dispel negativity & focus on the good, the great, the wonderful & all the majestic wonders I am blessed with in life. 

Beautiful Thinking; a well mind


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I bought the journal as a gift for my daughter. She loved it!! She told me it was the most relaxing part of her day!

Cindy Tristan

as I keep telling you !!!! Your an inspiration, I just can‚Äôt get it written down. Love your little tops I‚Äôve made . I‚Äôm a real light weight when it comes to joga because I have a hip replacement. But I‚Äôm trying. Much love ‚̧ūüí•


The love and light you put out into the world is uplifting.
Your such a vibe! Sis!
I literally watch and listen to encourage my soul and inspire and awaken my environment.
Thank you, for all that you do!


Keep up the beautiful work you do, I love your videos and love watching your sweet daughter grow. She’s so very smart and funny. Keep putting out excellent content. You all are so very loved!

Marilyn Dahn

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