I am Juliana Yasmine, an artisan who finds fulfillment in seeking sacred space to express my inner energetic creativity outwardly in the form of Art - Art to share with others.  In the past I’ve suffered with depression, self harm and loss of self love.  My mental state was demoralizing and led me to dark places with alcoholism and complete loss of lust for life. In retaliation to the dark thoughts that clouded my head I began to not only care for my physical presence with movement, but found that awareness of my minds well-being was just as important. Mental wellness is an essential aspect to our lives that allows us to live our true purpose with joy, fulfillment & love - all of which to be shared with others we walk alongside with.   I have been manifesting group gatherings, mini retreats if you will that are offerings to the community to share & learn more about holistic living choices from herbalism, yoga, meditation, breathwork and more.

In my lifetime I’ve grown to find myself passionate for my self worth & want to share that with you.


So through my demons and sadness - a great positive perception of life was born through though the beauty of creativity, movement, drawing, art and the inner workings of positive thoughts. ~If you too struggle with a lack of understanding your truth, your purpose, your always fighting your inner demons - then know you are not alone. We all have weaknesses, we all have thoughts, feelings and stories we are holding onto that we need to release in order to better find inner peace in our world. When we releave our minds of these burdens we will have clarity to project peace, happiness, balance, beauty and be able to share our love with others.~