I call myself, Une aʀtiste, blending the realms of art and holistic well-being to offer a unique experiences manifested to resonate with your soul. My love of creating is constantly shifting within the realms of visual artistry, movement, sound and herbalism where each piece of art I create is an emotional release and expression of deep introspection in an effort to consistently deepen my mind-body connection.

I heal my inner trauma through art therapy, delving into the depths of my emotions expressing myself through mixed media art.  I nurturing my body amidst the embrace of nature, where I sooth myself through the power of Mother Earths botanical blessings creating holistic herbal remedies. This fusion unfolds through the creation of mindfulness practices, allowing me to mend the wounds of my inner trauma. 

During my journey of inner healing I have found a craving for connection to heal alongside others who have had a similar loss of self…So The Collective was birthed, I am excited to inspire and support your personal journey towards healing, self-discovery, and a wholesome connection with the world around you.


Path to Self Discovery

artistic & holistic journey to inner peace.

In every brushstroke, click of the camera, or design of a mandala, my goal is to evoke emotions, foster self-discovery, and spark conversations.

Thank you for being a part of this artistic journey, and I look forward to connecting with you through the world of creativity.

“The creative adult is the child who has survived”-Ursula K Le Guin

In my lifetime I’ve grown to find myself passionate for my self worth & want to share that with you.


So through my demons and sadness - a great positive perception of life was born through though the beauty of creativity, movement, drawing, art and the inner workings of positive thoughts. ~If you too struggle with a lack of understanding your truth, your purpose, your always fighting your inner demons - then know you are not alone. We all have weaknesses, we all have thoughts, feelings and stories we are holding onto that we need to release in order to better find inner peace in our world. When we releave our minds of these burdens we will have clarity to project peace, happiness, balance, beauty and be able to share our love with others.~