Ethics & Sustainability

Our Vision:

Moon.Flower.Child is a USA based brand with an emphasis on slow fashion & sustainable production of lifestyle products that encourage conscious living in alignment of mind, body, soul & Mother Earth.

Production & Shipping:

We drop ship from the closest country to where you live and our products our made to order to reduce any over production of products.  

Our Fabrics & Products:

We choose recycled polyester fabrics for our sports wear and do our best to source sustainable materials for our product line.  As our clothing line begins to sprout again we are making it a point to use ethically made & sourced materials.

Plant a Tree initiative:

For each copy of Tiny Home, Big Flava' we donate $1 to plant a tree somewhere in the world through One Tree Planted.  With your support through cooking healthy we are helping to keep our earth green ~ Mother Earth Thanks YOU!

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Mental Health Awareness:

We donate $1 to for each copy of Eunoia the coloring book to help raise awareness of the importance of mental health through the charitable organisation TWLOHA.  Sharing gratitude with you all as we embrace each other with the value of a healthy mindset.
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Always improving our practices:

While we realize that we may not quite be perfect in our packaging of products as some clothing items do come in plastic wrapping, we are looking to source & find fulfillment centers that will work with us to customize our packaging to be more eco-friendly.  As we continue to grow as a company we will be able to fund the development of our custom sustainable packaging & fulfillment.