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DIY Herbal Perfume Kit + Essential Oils

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Discover a healthier fragrance choice with natural perfumes made with essential oils, free from hidden chemicals and synthetic scents found in conventional options. Crafted with care and without endocrine disruptors, when you create a scent with natural ingredients you your perfume will be a pure scent experience that aligns with your body's natural balance. 

This kit will provide you with a great starter pack of everything you will need to create 2 unique scents that resonate with your soul.  

Each kit comes with:

  • 2x roller balls

  • 2oz Coconut oil dropper

  • Spring Flower Blend (Cornflower, Rose & Marigold)

  • skewer

  • Instructions

  • Classic Essential Oil Kit

    • Eucalyptus

    • Tea Tree

    • Sweet Orange

    • Oregon Peppermint

    • Lavender

  • 1x Blossoms of Health Tea Bag

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