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Eunoia: Beautiful Thinking; a well mind [a Mindful Coloring book]

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Beautiful Thinking; a well mind

Life on the go can be fast paced, forward moving constantly without pause, breathe or presence in the moment. When you don’t pause to tune into your Self then you may find you lose your way, become out of balance and at a loss of knowing who you are and what your purpose is.  This book is intended to encourage you to find space to sit in the Now with yourself to color, inspire you to have affirmations and bring clarity and calm to your day through the workbook pages. Colouring stimulates the brain with creative and logic emotion & expression and it’s a great solution for stress relief to help alleviate anxieties.

So why colour?

Who is this journal good for?
Anyone & everyone! You don't need to be an artist or Meditation Guru - the only requirement is that you are Human.
  • It’s great for anyone who is ready to release judgement on themselves
  • Made for those ready to grow, transition their mindset & find positivity in their daily habits.
  • For those days you're not in the mood to write, journal or encourage thought, simply be present in the activity of colouring.
  • Learn more about meditation & breath-work & self care practices from body positivity to affirmation creating & Intention setting.
  • When you are struggling with inner demons and needing to redirect your focus - sit down with yourself & work on some journal pages, provoke inner thought and learn about yourself - you are worth knowing!
Whats great about this journal:
Its a small size making it great to bring on a hike, throw in your travel pack or just to have on your bedside table for morning & evening moments to yourself.  Whip it out when you need grounding in the present and a little motivation for your day! There is no right way to color, set intentions or learn more about know that anyone can use this book in any way they desire!
  • Take it with you, it's small, light & portable
  • Whether you’re bored or need to escape a lurking demon...find a journal prompt or page to colour & re-direct your mind with a positive loving thought.
  • Learn how to create instead of consume when you find yourself mindlessly reaching for your phone to scroll.

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