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Beautiful Thinking; a well mind

Life on the go can be fast paced, forward moving constantly without pause, breathe or presence in the moment. When you don’t pause to tune into your Self then you may find you lose your way, become out of balance and at a loss of knowing who you are and what your purpose is.  This book is intended to encourage you to find space to sit in the Now with yourself to color, inspire you to have affirmations and bring clarity and calm to your day through the workbook pages. Colouring stimulates the brain with creative and logic emotion & expression and it’s a great solution for stress relief to help alleviate anxieties.

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So why colour?

“The creative adult is the child who survived” - Ursula Leguin

This journal is intended to help you guide you through Daily Mindfulness practices to help re-center you and bring more joy to your life.

What else?

To encourage & inspire you to live in the NowIt offers prompts to assess yourself and how you feel emotionally & physicallyPresents opportunity & knowledge for you to use to dispel negativity & focus on the good, the great, the wonderful & all the majestic wonders that your life has to offer youA bountiful collection of positive & inspiring affirmations that will bring light into your life!

Pay it Forward ~ Greeting Cards

Sometimes we lose touch with each other in the physical world and let’s be honest when was the last time you sent a post card to a loved one. There’s a sense of romanticism when you get a love note in the mail & its something Justin & I love to do. Spread the love and take a moment to sit down with yourself to send your love via mail to someone you love.