Essence of Well-Being

Essence of Well-Being

🦋 Essence of Well-Being: A Holistic Wellness Zoom Gathering with Essential Oils

Date: Sunday March 31st

Time: 11am EST

Location: Zoom

Note. official invitation & access link sent out after you purchase the Scent of Self-Worth during our early bird release

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being at "Essence of Well-Being," a transformative virtual 60 minute gathering that seamlessly weaves essential oils into the fabric of self-love, goal-setting, and overall wellness. Join me as we explore the art of holistic living, offering you tools and insights to cultivate balance, fulfillment, and spiritual nourishment in every aspect of your life.

🪄 Holistic Self-Love Practices: Explore self-love rituals infused with the essence of essential oils. Understand how aromatherapy can elevate your self-care routine, fostering a deeper connection with yourself.

Setting Intentions with Aromas: Uncover the art of setting intentions through the blending of aromatic essential oils. After crafting your personal blend set intentions that align with your aspirations, and the essence of your soul.

🌱 Mindful Goal-Setting: Engage in a mindful goal-setting session, enriched by the grounding scents of essential oils. Discover how aroma can positively influence your focus, motivation, and determination.

💬 Interactive Aromatic Community: Connect with a community of like-minded individuals passionate about holistic well-being. Share your experiences, insights, and aromatic creations in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Invest in Your Well-Being: When you take our Scent of Self-Worth workshop you automatically secure your spot in this aromatic journey toward holistic wellness. Embrace the essence of well-being and cultivate a life that speaks to your soul.

Don't miss this chance to be part of a transformative experience and be ready to embark on a fragrant adventure of self-discovery!

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