Rediscovering My Worth: A Journey through Aromatherapy and Self-Care

Rediscovering My Worth: A Journey through Aromatherapy and Self-Care

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it's easy to get lost in a sea of responsibilities, constantly juggling tasks and obligations until we forget to prioritize the most important thing: ourselves. I know this all too well because I found myself in that very situation last year. I always thought I would have it figured out in my 30s, but as a mom to a 5 year old I had never felt so confused as to my purpose and worth. Through a journey of self-discovery, I have for years incorporated the powerful healing properties of aromatherapy and essential oils into my routines, although never found the time to create a daily habit to using them. Ultimately crafting my own scent to keep by my side has been a symbol of reclaiming my worth and prioritizing self-care.

As someone who has always been driven by ambition and a desire to excel in all aspects of life, I found myself taking on more responsibilities than I could handle. Whether it was work-related commitments, personal obligations, showing up as a mother, wife & woman in the community, our home renovations, a consistent pressure to have financial success (especially with prices increasing everywhere) I felt like I was drowning in a never-ending cycle of busyness. In the midst of it all, I lost sight of who I was and what truly mattered to me.

It wasn't until I reached a breaking point – overwhelmed, exhausted, and feeling utterly disconnected from myself – that I realized something had to change. I had experienced a shortness of breath for what felt like a lifetime, several anxiety attacks and deep bouts of depression, confusion and grief for losing myself and not being able to show up for my family, friends and community. I knew I needed to take a step back and reevaluate my priorities. That's when I turned to dive deeper into my holistic wellness practices, seeking solace in the natural healing properties of aromatherapy and essential oils as a methodology to sooth my mind and body.

Aromatherapy, the practice of using aromatic compounds to enhance physical and psychological well-being, became my refuge in a chaotic world. I immersed myself in the soothing scents of lavender spritzing my sheets each morning with my calming clarity essential oil blend. Diffusing eucalyptus when I felt it was hard to take deep breaths and break through the seasonal winter blockages and stuffy noses that my daughter was constantly coming home with. Finally through using essential oils in my perfumes to keep with me throughout the day as little doses of calm to help wash over me like a gentle breeze, I began to find moments of peace and clarity amidst the chaos.

Inspired by the transformative power of aromatherapy, I decided to take my journey a step further by crafting several of my own signature scents. Using my knowledge of essential oils and their therapeutic benefits, I carefully blended various oils to create a fragrance that resonated with my soul. Each ingredient was chosen with intention, representing different aspects of my identity and journey towards self-discovery to shift my mood, inspire my soul and bring me back into a state of alignment and knowing.

~ Rediscovering My Worth ~

When I breathe in the subtle nuances of my custom scents, I feel a profound sense of empowerment wash over me — A reclaiming of power that defines my own essence. Through my daily use of my DIY natural perfumes I rediscovered my worth and embraced the importance of self-care. No longer do I allow myself to be consumed by endless responsibilities at the expense of my well-being. Instead, I made a commitment to prioritize self-care as an essential component of a balanced and fulfilling life.

My journey through aromatherapy and self-discovery has been nothing short of transformative. By immersing myself in the healing power of essential oils and crafting my own scent, I not only found solace in the midst of chaos but also rediscovered my worth and prioritized taking care of myself. In a world that often demands more than we can give, it's essential to remember that true fulfillment comes from within. And sometimes, all it takes is a deep breath and a moment of self-reflection to find our way back home.

If this feeling, journey or experience resonates with you at all, then I do hope that you will join me for an online workshop that dives deep into the space of your self-worth using the power of essential oils.

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