My Bucketlist of Intentions for 2023

My Bucketlist of Intentions for 2023

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I decided at the end of 2022 that I would set myself on a personal journey to deepen my connection to self for the year of 2023.  I always reach the end of a year and wish I had put more time towards my goals and intentions, so this is officially the year that I am going to really get with it!!!

I am committing to one goal per month and will be sharing a video each month on YouTube documenting the journey. Each month is about doing something that pushes me out of my limits, and checking off accomplishments that are long overdue!

I made an inspo board on Pinterest if you want a visual vibe!

A month of cold showers & Ice baths & Lake Plunges

This is about dedicating time to re-connect to my physical form, especially when I have those feels of being out of body & disconnected.

Of all the intentions I envision accomplishing in 2023 this is the one I’m probably most afraid of. It’s December as I write this and I have been hearing snippets of stories that have consistently seeded when I should take on this challenge starting Janurary 1st 2023. So I am plunging in the rivers of NC to kick off the year. And better yet, I have inspired a few to join me 🙌🏾

I'm hoping it will be a way to re-invigorate myself as a reminder of how I intend to take on this year - Confronting fear, and challenging myself to go deeper. While I feel fear towards this intention the most, I am the most excited to take this on. I look forward to reconnecting into my physical form, to grasp a deep experience and better understanding of what it truly means to feel alive & to breathe intentionally.

Thank you for the inpso Wim Hof.

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A month of yoga

A month dedicated to yoga, movement, mobility and flexibility. I will be taking an online YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) course to further deepen my understanding and practice. I have procrastinated on this one because of the cost of a retreat overseas…online means theres no limits and no excuses, do it in the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost at a pace that suits your needs. Im not going to lie…this one, while high on my priority list is only really going to be possible if my wrist heals up. It has been giving me a hard time for the last few months making my yoga practice less frequent. I am going to feel it out and see where my body is since so much of yoga requires pressure on your wrist. While I said earlier that I am not wanting to let another year go by, this intention might be switched out with a padi certification - stay tuned with what ends up happening here.

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A month of journaling every day

~ A dedication to self & the love I have for my mind ~

Sometimes I forget to document the times. I find myself cruising through life forgetting about the past. A written expose from your heart is a magical thing to come by to remind yourself who you were, and all the life experiences you have come by...a sort of loving memory bank of stories of life past.


So this month I'm prioritizing journaling every day, morning, evening, late night (whenever I can make the time), as a way of expressing love for my mind. As a mother and business owner, life can get away from me in the blink of an eye and then all of a sudden months have passed since I last sat down to write or share a thought in my journal - I never even finished my birth story with Azalea. This month isn't going to get away from me this time…

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A month of getting dressed up nice

This one is an ode to all mothers, women & people in general who literally pull it together every day ~ I admire you all! I am looking forward to falling back in love with getting my swag on. So here’s to getting intentionally dressed in something that makes me feel my best every day!

Getting dressed up nice is totally not always my thing, since I am all about comfort and ease. I stopped wearing makeup a while back and sometimes don’t change out of my pijamas or wear any of my jewelry that I for some reason own. So in this particular month I will be intentionally dressing myself…shooting a style vlog, doing thrifting hauls, and creating a look book of wears for myself. Looking forward to sharing this one with you!

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Learn to ride a motorbike & get license

For what seems the longest time I have dreamt of riding a motorbike. A retro cafe racer. This is the year I make that a reality & I'm excited. Let the new kind of road adventures begin! And who say’s side cars are not the coolest thing 🤪. I will be enrolling in a safety course and taking on the challenge and getting one step closer to being a badass boss mama that rides cafe racers! Perhaps a “Motorcycle Diaries” is in order…

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Bucket list Goal - 30 day photo challenge

This one is to inspire myself in all that is around me, to initiate those creative juices to flow again…I will be taking on is a 30-day photo challenge. I found a list on Pinterest and got inspired so that is what I will be using as my guide.

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10 minutes of meditation every day for a month

It seems like a small ask, but it's hard for me to sit down each day to connect with my breath. I get stressed out and just go go go go go…so this is a month to slow down and be still in the hopes that I can habit stack and follow through some of these intentions for life.

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Gorilla gardening

Gorilla gardening…if you haven’t heard of it, its kind of illigal but we wont get too deep into that part since its for the greater good of the earth. Ill be rogue planting bulbs & seeds on public property to help bring some color and life back to our planet - and hopefully a little more smiles into peoples lives!

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Overnight camping trip into the wilderness

I havent taken a solo camping trip since probably 2013 back when I used to live in Hawaii, so the time has come to be alone again. As parents that time comes rarely and so I have to carve out space to be able to refuel as a human. Ill be bringing Odin our golden retriever and going on some sort of expedition in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Time to pack the camping gear and my backpack!

A vow of silence (48 hours in silence)

Finally, last but not the least…and probably the most challenging to take on in everyday life with a 4 year old…I will be taking a vow of silence and spending 48 hours in complete silence.  Ohmmmmmmmm 

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I hope you’ll follow along my journey in this personal endeavor & possibly even be inspired. Watch the video if you wanna follow along 🫶🏽  

À bientôt

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So loved your vid!!! Beautiful area!!.. Mission is so much better than Resolutions!!! Resolutions only seem to last a few days.. at least for me…I’ll give this one a whirl!! Actually there are quite a few missions on my list!! Maybe will share later on… Enjoy your visit in England!!! Love and contentment to your family!!🧑🏻‍🦰😻💖


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