The Scent of Self-Worth

Discover the power of essential oils & create your own unique scent that validates your self-worth. Learn and explore mindfulness practices that you can incorporate into your daily practice with a guided meditation & tea ceremony. During the heart of the workshop we guide you through a step-by-step process to craft your scent.

  • Path to Self Discovery

    Art for Inner Understanding

    Exploring your many inner archetypes and helping you to translate that into a beautiful self-portrait painting.

  • Meal

    The Art of Food

    Exploring food as art and how the simple plating, design and visual vibrancy of your food can bring joy, heal eating struggles and encourage a healthy relationship with the food you eat.

  • meditation courses

    Goddess Empowerment

    Helping to empower you through mirror work, self portrait photography & positive self-talk.

  • Art

    Designing a Mindful Wardrobe

    What you wear can deeply impact your mindset. In this course we dive into designing & making our most ideal clothing to fit our bodies and make us feel great!

  • Yoga & Movement

    Meditation & Visualisation

    Meditation can be a struggle to tap into daily so this course is a way to encourage and create habit to your mediation practice. Through intimate visualization you can find deeper sense of calm for your day.

  • Yoga & Movement

    Yoga & Movement

    Through the exploration of moving our bodies, whether it be stretching, lifting weights, or embracing the freedom of dance in this course we explore releasing inner tension and healing through physical movement.

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