Eunoia: Beautiful Thinking; a well mind [a Mindful Coloring book]

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Who is this journal good for?
Anyone & everyone! You don't need to be an artist or Meditation Guru - the only requirement is that you are Human.
  • It’s great for anyone who is ready to release judgement on themselves
  • Made for those ready to grow, transition their mindset & find positivity in their daily habits.
  • For those days you're not in the mood to write, journal or encourage thought, simply be present in the activity of colouring.
  • Learn more about meditation & breath-work & self care practices from body positivity to affirmation creating & Intention setting.
  • When you are struggling with inner demons and needing to redirect your focus - sit down with yourself & work on some journal pages, provoke inner thought and learn about yourself - you are worth knowing!
Whats great about this journal:
Its a small size making it great to bring on a hike, throw in your travel pack or just to have on your bedside table for morning & evening moments to yourself.  Whip it out when you need grounding in the present and a little motivation for your day! There is no right way to color, set intentions or learn more about know that anyone can use this book in any way they desire!
  • Take it with you, it's small, light & portable
  • Whether you’re bored or need to escape a lurking demon...find a journal prompt or page to colour & re-direct your mind with a positive loving thought.
  • Learn how to create instead of consume when you find yourself mindlessly reaching for your phone to scroll.